January 8–30, 2017
MIT Guests at SDU
The juiciest lessons learned,
from smartest people of MIT.
MBA Candidate 2018
ZILLOW Seattle, WA Product Manager 2017
RAPPI Product manager / Analytics Manager 2016
MCKINSEY Buenos Aires, Argentina Business Analyst 2013 - 2016
Started a strategic shift of the company LatAm O & G, to focus on cost with a savings of 200 million rubles.
Reformed function of the Caribbean Bank, including the creation of a new process, staff training, change
incentives, reorganization of the internal structure, creation of tools for work and monitoring of 5-fold growth to 20 million rubles. USD per year
The team of CPG customers in Brazil in achieving the goal of reducing the cost of logistics and storage of $ 50 million
B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering
GPA: 5.0/5.0
Relevant College Courses: Software Construction, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Introduction to Machine Learning, Advanced
Natural Language Processing, Advances in Computer Vision
Programming Skills: Python, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, TensorFlow, Keras, scikit-learn

Working with Regina Barzilay in MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and Connie Lehman at
Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) to develop deep convolutional neural networks to detect breast cancer in mammograms
10am-12pm January 8th: Introduction to machine learning
10am-12pm January 9th: Linear classifiers and the perceptron algorithm
10am-12pm January 10th: Maximum margin classifiers and support vector machines
3pm-6pm January 13th: Master class at SmАrt.Point

10am-12pm January 15th: Ensembles and boosting
10am-12pm January 16th: Kernels and non-linear classifiers
10am-12pm January 17th: Content recommendation via collaborative filtering
3pm-6pm January 20th: Master class at SmАrt.Point

10am-12pm January 22nd: Neural Networks I
10am-12pm January 23rd: Neural Networks II
10am-12pm January 24th: Convolutional Neural Networks and Recurrent Neural Networks

January 29th: Unsupervised learning
10am-12pm January 30th: Reinforcement learning


10am-12pm January 9th: Idea generation and group formation, PMR part 1
10am-12pm January 10th: Lean startup, Canvas, 1:1 product coaching
10am-12pm January 11th: Demo day, How to launch
3pm-6pm January 13th: Master class at SmArt.Point

10am-12pm January 15th: Introduction, Leadership simulation - warmup
10am-12pm January 16th: Negotiation 1 - Bargain
10am-12pm January 17th: Leadership simulation 2 - Communication
3pm-6pm January 20th: Master class at SmArt.Point

10am-12pm January 22nd: Leadership simulation 3 - Teamwork
10am-12pm January 23rd: Negotiation 2 - Value creation and distribution
10am-12pm January 24th: Leadership simulation 3 - Competition, Feedback

10am-12pm January 29th: Negotiation 3 - Multiplayer, Closing

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